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Non-Surgical And Surgical Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in a joint becomes worn or thin. Cartilage is the shiny smooth connective tissue present on the joints on the ends of bones, protecting and aiding in smooth gliding movement of the joints. The deterioration … Continue reading

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Neck Pain Relief Without Pills

Four ways to reduce and manage your neck pain. My approach to helping people with chronic neck pain – daily neck pain that is not due to a recent injury surgery etc. – involves doing a number of things and NOT … Continue reading

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My hand hurts at night!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome If pain runs up the palm of your hand and into all of your fingers except the little finger, especially at night or when using your hand in certain positions, there is a good chance that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. Tapping … Continue reading

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Why does my knee feel stiff after I sit for a while?

Your knee feels stiff and aches after you’ve been to a movie or resting for more than twenty or thirty minutes – why? In the past, this has been affectionately called ‘theater knee’, as you’ll see people who have been in the … Continue reading

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Infection Rates with Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications – TNF Drugs

What are TNF Blockers? The five medications below are often called called ‘TNF-blockers’ and are used for rheumatoid arthritis and certain other arthritic diseases (TNF stands for tumor necrosis factor, a protein – we all have naturally in our systems, but if … Continue reading

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Thumb pain when gripping, grabbing or holding things

“It even hurts to hold a mug of coffee!” If you have  pain where the largest Painspot is located in the picture below, then you may have osteoarthritis (often called ‘wear-and-tear’ arthritis) at the base of the thumb joint. It … Continue reading

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