Treating My Patients

I have practiced rheumatology for over twenty years.

I treat wonderful people who have developed arthritis and other painful conditions of their joints, muscles and connective tissues. We sit down together and try to find the best answers and treatments for them.  My patients need pain relief treatment, but they also want to know about their pain. What actually  is causing it, and why? They need information which provides them with understanding, and a sense of control over their symptoms.

I try to explain their disease conditions in easily understandable, non-medical words. Are there interactive websites to direct them to? We ask Dr. Google, but most websites are either too broad or too complicated. In order to find out why you hurt, you have to know what you have first – kind of like trying to find out how to spell a word by looking in a dictionary! If you can’t spell the word, how can you look it up?

It seems most obvious to search based on the worst symptom.


So we now have a website where people can locate and understand their pain.  A click on a 3D figure starts the process (painspots are located on the lower back, knee, hand, hip etc) followed by a few questions about the pain.

Afterward, several possible conditions are suggested. Potentially serious disease states are also considered. Disease explanations  are provided. Encouragement and printouts of the answers and conditions are supplied for doctors or other health professionals. – an interactive, friendly, educational experience for people who don’t want to have pain, anymore.

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