Foot and Knee Pain: Symptoms and Common Causes

The immediate indicators of something being wrong in a musculoskeletal area of the body are two: pain and point tenderness, as it is the muscles and tendons around the joints that move the body around the joints. Any kind of inflammation, tear or strain one of these can result in pain and further injury. Sometimes there is pain without movement involved, and this should always be evaluated as it may be due to tumors or diseases of the nerves.

When it comes to the foot there are various reasons that can cause the pain and these include injury, overuse, overloading and arthritic conditions.

Any problems with the foot and the knee can greatly hamper and restrict movement, which can be a big problem. For the knee one of the most common inflammations; Pre-patellar Bursitis is a condition of the patellar bursae and sometimes called housemaid’s knee is often caused by prolonged periods of kneeling. The small fluid sac (bursa) in front of the kneecap gets swollen because of extra pressure and over use. Other reasons could be a sudden injury to the knee, infection or repeated minor injuries to the knee.

For the foot, a foot pain locator can be initially used for self-assessment of the affected area. Thereafter, if the pain persists and gets unbearable, a doctor needs to be consulted.

For the knee, in most cases, the problem come into light due to a pain in the knee, redness and swelling of the kneecap. Inflammation of the Patellar Bursae is easily diagnosed and mostly treated without medication by giving the knee some rest, avoiding the kneeling position and even going to a physical therapist in some cases.

For the foot, depending upon where and how bad the pain is, various methods of treatment can be used. If one has used a foot pain locator and found the cause of the problem initial help can be in the form of pain-relieving sprays and giving the foot area some rest or arch supports.

The outcome and treatment all depend upon the intensity of the pain and a defined course of treatment should be undertaken accordingly to avoid developing chronic pain, and especially for persistent or severe pain, professional medical help should be sought.

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