What’s Causing Pain In Your Hand?

Have you been experiencing right or left hand pain?

Hand pain can be caused due to a variety of reasons, from something as simple as a strain or sprain to as painful as a fracture, arthritis or infection. But knowing what’s causing your hand pain is important. Some of the common reasons for pain in the hand (except for sprains and strains) include-

Arthritis- Gradually increasing pain and stiffness in hands, with associated swelling in fingers, hand or wrist or joints can be a sign of arthritis. It is recommended that you take an online diagnosis quiz to see if you may have the condition and then visit a doctor.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Palm and finger pain in the thumb, middle and part of the ring fingers (especially at night), problems of pain starting in wrist and going up the forearm, weakness, burning pain, tingling and numbness or difficulty in gripping objects can be caused due to nerve disorder called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Finger Fracture- Of course, you would recall an injury.  Pain in Hand can be a result of a cracked finger bone. If you have had an injury, and have been experiencing pain, bruising and decreased range of motion in the hand with pain on the affected pain, it is time to go and see a doctor.

Paronychia- An infection, usually manifested in the left hand’s around the fingertip and fingernail. It may present with pain, redness and swelling around the nail.

You can take an online diagnosis quiz to which what kind of medical condition may be causing your hand pain. Visit the website https://www.painspot.com/ for diagnosis quiz and list of medical conditions associated with hand pain.

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