Causes And Treatments Of Neck Muscle Pain And Pain In The Top Of The Wrist

In the busy schedule and stressed life, people often tend to ignore pain in the top of the wrist or pain in the neck muscles.  Leaving such pain could lead to further complications and chronic pain.

Neck Muscle Pain:

Pain in the neck muscles is often caused when a person sits with a head position forward or in front of the shoulders, such as while reading or working on computer for a prolonged period without a change in position, and may result in neck muscle pain. Sometimes a prior injury such as an unusual and sudden twisting injury or an accident could result in a risk for developing pain in neck muscles.

Treatment – Common advice used to treat the pain in neck muscles is:

1.  Obtain exercise instruction regarding neck treatment (posture, correct neck pillow use, intermittent soft cervical collar, stretch/strengthening exercises, and over the counter pain medications).

2.  Avoidance of aggravating activities (such as television or reading in bed, napping on the couch, cradling telephone).

3.  Try a low back (lumbar) support cushion for car, and chair at home. No TV in bed. No napping on couch. This helps to balance the neck over
the spine, and reduce neck muscle tension.

4.  Place the car seat in the car as upright as possible.

5.  A neck (cervical) pillow should used when sleeping on your side.

6.  Stretch and strengthen as instructed by a therapist or other health professional at nighttime, and in the morning.

7.  If you need to, trial of a soft foam rubber cervical collar for 1-2 hours two to three times daily as needed.

On the other hand if there are symptoms of nausea, dizziness, severe headache and extreme pain and stiffness with flexing the neck, fever etc. it is important to seek immediate medical assistance.

Pain in Top of the Wrist:

The wrist is made up of eight small bones which are connected to the bones in forearms and hand bones by ligaments and tendons which attach these bones to the muscles. A sudden impact or certain kinds of repetitive stress could lead to injury or strain of the ligaments and muscles and result in pain in the top of the wrist. The pain could also be due to arthritis.

Treatment – A person suffering from top of wrist pain should try to reduce strain on the wrist. The affected area should be massaged gently and a warm pack application is also advisable. Pain relieving medicines like Tylenol or Ibuprofen can also be taken. If the wrist is swollen, warm or red, seek the immediate advice of a health professional.

If the pain persists, it would be advisable to seek medical attention as an underlying arthritic disease or bony problem may be present.

Ignoring the symptoms of pain in the neck or wrist could lead to complications and thus should be attended to as soon as possible if they persist.

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