Wrist Pain – Associated Conditions

Wrist pain is one of the most common problems that individuals experience. Whether in the left or right hand, wrist or on top of the wrist, there are multiple reasons that could trigger wrist pain. Persistent wrist pain should be diagnosed and treated, as it may be due to serious conditions such as fractures or dislocation of the wrist bones.

Associated conditions of wrist pain include:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis can not only happen in your bigger joints but also your wrists. It is characterized by swelling in and around the joint, pain and difficulty in getting a grip of objects. More serious arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout or pseudogout may cause warmth and redness over the wrist. There are a number of ways wrist arthritis can be treated.
  • Tendonitis: This occurs due to the inflammation in the tendon sheath leading to swelling around the wrist and pain. Tendonitis usually does not require surgery.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: When a median nerve passing through the bottom of the wrist is pinched or compressed it leads to pain in the fingers, sometimes weaknees and dysfunction due to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Sprain: Injuries to ligaments in the wrist usually lead to sprain in the region. It can be characterized by chronic pain and swelling.
  • Ganglion Cyst: Ganglion cysts are benign, fluid filled sacs that grow in size leading to this condition, often over the top of the wrist. Individuals affected by it can experience pain and swelling in the region. These cysts are however not cancerous and do not necessarily require treatment unless they are unusually large or painful.
  • Fractures: Common orthopedic injuries due to forceful impact in the region may crack or fracture the small bones in the wrist. In severe cases, surgery may be required. Fractures should not be ignored as long term pain, chronic weakness and instability are possible complications.

Have you had your wrist pain diagnosed yet? Which of the above condition has been the cause of your wrist pain? How was it treated? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

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