Newest Arthritis Medicines

The list below provides links to information about the newest and standard FDA approved medicines which have been shown in scientific studies to slow down the damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis.


This alphabetical list contains links to information about both standard and biologic DMARDs (which stands for disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs) used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Some are pills, such as Xeljanz, Plaquenil and Arava. Others are given by injections into the skin (subcutaneous) or into a vein (infusions). The injectable medicines are made from synthesized proteins, and are often called ‘biologics’. (photo credit

Arava, Plaquenil, and Xeljanz are taken daily. Most of the newer medicines given by injection are given  at intervals ranging from once weekly to once every two months. Methotrexate usually is taken in pill form once weekly, although it may be given as an injection instead to improve absorption.

Rituxan is an infusion often given every six months if necessary. Some can be given either as infusions or by self injection into the skin (Actemra, Simponi, Simponi Aria and Orencia are examples). Many new medicines are now being tested as well.

Actemra –

Arava (generic = leflunomide)-

Cimzia –

Enbrel –

Humira –

Kineret –

Methotrexate –,_Trexall)/

Orencia –

Otrexup – (methotrexate injectable) –

Plaquenil (generic = hydroxychloroquine) –

Remicade –

Rituxan –

Simponi –

Simponi Aria –

Sulfasalazine –

Xeljanz –

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