Thumb pain when gripping, grabbing or holding things

“It even hurts to hold a mug of coffee!”

If you have  pain where the largest Painspot is located in the picture below, then you may have osteoarthritis (often called ‘wear-and-tear’ arthritis) at the base of the thumb joint. It is common to think this is coming from your wrist, but it is where the thumb connects to the wrist.

You may feel pain when you are holding a book, or a coffee mug. Opening a jar of spagetti sauce is painful. If the arthritis is severe, the joint may become enlarged and very tender to the touch. Usually an  examination and X-rays confirm this is the problem. Treatments may include thumb stabilizer braces, pain relievers, physical therapy or cortisone shots. For severely painful arthritis, surgery may be very effective at relieving the pain. Other causes of pain in this area may be found at - Deal of the Month button

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